After a long wait, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and the rest of the recruits are returning to ABC with Quantico's midseason premiere to hunt down the real terrorists behind the deadly bomb attacks that resulted in hundreds of casualties.

In the previous episode, Elias was nabbed by the CBI and he later confessed to the crime of blackmailing Simon to bomb the Grand Central Station. Agent Parrish will also learn that the Democratic delegates gathered in a hotel are the targets of the explosion with Simon holding the remote. Liam O'Connor, meanwhile, asks the delegates to move to the command centre in a bid to save them.

But the FBI agent's nightmare comes true when an undetected bomb is detonated at the command centre. Although Simon and Elias have their own reasons for being part of the deadly attack, it is also revealed that there is a mastermind who is still in hiding. In the remaining episodes of the series, Alex will try to find out the real terrorists who are deliberately trying to frame her for the explosions.

According to the official synopsis of episode 12 titled Alex, Chopra's character "finds herself in the middle of a congressional hearing to testify about the terrorist bombings." Chances are high that she will be framed for the command centre attacks but she will try to convince Liam and others that there is a mole inside the FBI.

In the midseason finale, she broke up with Ryan but fans are still hoping to see some tender moments between the two. However, it appears the runaway FBI rookie has found another man for the rest of the episodes. A promo released by ABC reveals her encounter with a stranger with whom she has a "first meeting" conversation like the kind she had with Ryan in Quantico's premiere episode.

Watch the promo below:

The popular ABC thriller has this unique technique of interweaving flashbacks and current timelines to show the history of the rookies from their training period to their current situation after the terror attack. But executive producers Josh Safran and Jake Coburn have teased that the characters will be so independent in the second half of season 1 that it will be like two different shows sewn together.

"One of the things that has happened in the back [half of the season], which I think is a good thing, is that characters are no longer required to play on both sides of the story," Safran told EW. "It's almost like having two different shows that are tied together. We feel like we have an abundance of riches with actors, but everyone really gets to shine in each episode," adds Coburn.

Quantico season 1 episode 12 will return on 8 March on ABC.