In the first half of the season, ABC thriller Quantico offered multiple twists and emotional moments that kept fans intrigued. Agent Alex Parrish's love life took a tragic turn during her chase of the terror mastermind of a terror attack, as Ryan Booth left her when she started sympathising with Liam O'Connor.

Fans are also disappointed as they miss the chemistry between the two. While many hoped that the second half of the season will bring the estranged couple together, Priyanka Chopra (Alex) has teased that the romance between her character and Ryan has ended for good and possibilities are high that the latter will get back to his ex-wife Hannah.

"They're together, but they can't be together. They have this whole thing all the time where they come that close to being together and get torn apart. I don't think Ryan is going to leave Alex's mind any time soon, that's for sure. Ryan and Hannah work tremendously together even if they're not together romantically. I think it's hard for Alex to see that and understand that, and I think there's this fear in her that [Ryan and Hannah] might get back together," Chopra told TV Guide.

The show's executive producer Jake Coburn also weighed in on Ryan and Hannah's love. "Even though they're not together anymore, there is a deep love and affection between Hannah and Ryan. Anything that goes on between Alex and Ryan will certainly be Hannah's business and vice versa," he told the website.

After Simon's confession of planning the Grand Central station explosion, the midseason finale of Quantico revealed another face behind the deadly blast, that of Elias – the openly gay analyst trainee who has a crush on Simon.

But before the FBI could nab him, he commits suicide by leaping off his apartment window. Before doing so, he confessed that he was blackmailed into framing Alex for the first bombing and framed Simon for the second explosion as he was scared.

The midseason premiere will begin with episode 12. "I'm very excited about Episode 12, which is our midseason premiere, is that it has as big as a story generator in it as the pilot in terms of a bomb going off in the beginning of the pilot. It gave the drive for this 11-episode stretch. Episode 12 also has a strong engine that neither of us, of course, will reveal now, but it will tell you the entire nature of the back half," show creator Josh Safran told TV Guide.