Russia has successfully test-fired a new anti-missile system or a rocket capable of destroying any incoming missile, even an Intercontinental ballistic missile.

The weapon, fired from Kazakhstan's Sary-Shagan test range, is an upgraded version of Russia's current missile defence system, A-135, Newsweek reported. The country's ministry of defence released a video showcasing the fiery launch of the rocket.

As seen in the clip, the anti-missile system did the job as it was supposed to. The rocket took to the skies and annihilated the conditional target, despite frigid weather conditions prevailing in that part of the world.

Though Russia has not revealed the exact name or capabilities of the new system, Andrey Prikhodko, the deputy commander of the country's Aerospace Forces' air and missile task force stressed that it will be a major defence upgrade for Moscow.

Speaking to newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, the commander noted that the system's tactical and technical characteristics relating to the range, accuracy, and service life will go way beyond what currently operational weapons have on offer.

The initial tests of the A-135 upgrade started in 2014 and according to the DailyMail, the weapon would be used to intercept and destroy missiles as far as 100km away and 30km high.

Once the novel system clears remaining field trials and comes into service, it will be able to protect any designated region from single and group missile strikes and advanced ICBMs, Prikhodko added.

Russia anti-missile system
The weapon was test fired from a testing range in Kazakhstan -- Representational image SERGEI GAPON/AFP/Getty Images