A stunning new clip showcasing Russia's heavy fighter jets and their prolific manoeuvrability has appeared on the internet.

The video, shared by the Ministry of Defence of Russia, shows Sukhoi Su-30M2 fighter jets and Su-34 bombers performing conveyor landing. This is a sophisticated term for typical touch-and-gos in which an aircraft comes to the runway, but instead of slowing down and stopping, touches the ground for a split second and pulls up again.

Despite adverse weather conditions prevailing in Russia's Rostov region, the planes nailed the move perfectly on a closed highway. "The pilots landed planes on the18m wide automobile liner three times," a statement from the ministry said.

"At the helm of one of the fighters was the commander of the army of the Air Force and Air Defence Viktor Sevostyanov."

According to a report in The Drive, this is the first time the two types of planes were used to do something like this. The aircraft, accompanied by Sukhoi Su-27 fighter aircraft, even took part in a conventional air battle, performing complex aerobatics.

Landing a plane on a highway is something that many nations have done but this specific move is extremely rare, TV Zvezda, the Russian military's official news outlet, notes. Generally, the goal of such exercises is to ensure that the planes are capable enough to land in rough terrain but in this case, neither the ministry nor the news outlet revealed the exact goal behind the spectacular drill.

The video has already got over 190,000 views on YouTube, so far.