Clary finds major clues to find her mother Jocelyn Freeform

Shadowhunters will return with episode 11 titled Blood Calls To Blood this week. Clary Fray and Jace Wayland struggle to save the latter's father while Alec Lightwood and Lydia Branwell plan to marry in order to save the Lightwood family's lost respect.

A sneak peeks video released by Freeform reveals that Imogen Herondale will question Alec and Lydia's wedding plans and ask them to reveal the real motive behind the nuptials. Magnus Bane, meanwhile, will again prove his loyalty to Alec when he is approached by the gay shadowhunter to save Isabelle, who is arrested for the Meliorn mission.

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Clary will increase her efforts to find her mother Jocelyn and she will get help in her mission as Luke, Jace and his father find clues to an abandoned building.

Here is the synopsis of episode 11: After receiving important intel about Valentine from a surprising ally, Clary, Jace and Luke devise a plan to rescue Jocelyn. With the mission is looking almost impossible, the three will stop at nothing to rescue Clary's mother and put a stop to Valentine once and for all.

Meanwhile, Inquisitor Herondale arrives at the Institute for Isabelle's trial as Alec turns to Magnus for help.

The episode will feature the unspoken romance between Magnus and Alec while Clary will try to locate her mother Jocelyn's whereabouts and the real face of her father Valentine.

To know more, watch Shadowhunters episode 11 on 22 March at 9pm EST on Freeform.