The Walking Dead season 6 delivered another shocking moment in episode 14 Twice As Far as another major character bites the dust. The head count is only going to increase in the final episodes with Negan, the notorious antagonist of the show, all set to make his blood and gore filled entry.

But just before his entry to the AMC zombie thriller, the show's executive producer Gale Anne Hurd has revealed something that fans of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Carol must know before the finale.

In an interview with US Weekly, Hurd hinted that "no character is safe" in the remaining final episodes as the post apocalypse world is extremely "brutal". She also hinted that Negan's entry will change the dynamics of the show even in season 7.

"He's a completely different kind of character than we've had in the past, and honestly, I cannot imagine someone more perfect than Jeffrey Dean Morgan to bring him to life," Hurd told the website. "[Negan is] formidable, but he's incredibly charismatic, and he acknowledges who he is and what he expects of people."

Previously, Steven Yeun (Glenn) had revealed that his character may not become the first victim of Negan's baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire.

The EP is hoping that the latest brutal TWD character will be cheered by fans. "Anyone who loves Negan from the comic books will literally be cheering. They won't be able to sit down at home or wherever they are. I think they'll stand up and cheer."

Episode 14 featured the death of Denise Cloyd, a doctor stationed in the safe zone of Alexandria. The death created an online furore as she dies just after confessing her love for Tara Chambler. In the episode titled Twice As Far, Tara leaves with a group to find supplies, which overwhelms Denise.

She joins Daryl and Rosita and ventures out to hunt for some medical supplies. However, before she can propose to Tara, she is killed by Dwight and The Saviors. The show creators and producers are coming in for a lot of flak from fans on social networking sites for killing off a minor character.

The Walking Dead season 6 airs every Sunday on AMC network.