Chicago Fire season 4 will return in a week's time but it appears there will be some problems in the love paradise of Matthew Casey and Gabriela Dawson. The couple, who shared plenty of emotional moments (both good and bad) together, will now have to deal with a crisis involving the "other woman."

Spencer, who plays Casey, hinted at his character's attraction towards a new woman. Lauren Stamile will enter the show as Windy City, an attractive political consultant, who will "spark a connection" with Casey in episode 17. "She's a fairly attractive go-getter that is going to aid him in his political career, and they're going to establish a connection, which is going to cause some conflict," Spencer told EW.

In an interview with TV Line, Spencer teased that Casey's newfound ambition of running for the alderman will see his relationship with Monica Raymund's character suffer. "New job that he's taken on [in running for alderman] is really going to affect his relationship."

The couple Dawsey hit a rough patch in their relationship when Dawson loses her unborn baby in episode 4 of the current season. However, they try to cope with the tragedy and move on in their life. Spencer, however, revealed that the couple are still trying to "ignore" their relationship, which will further affect their life in the future episodes.

"They [Casey and Dawson] are ignoring it, and the more they ignore it, the worse it's going to get. It's going to flare up again," he told the website.

Apart from the complications in his personal relationship, Casey will also have to deal with alderman Colin Becks who is badmouthing him in order to make his election campaign weak.

Chicago Fire season 4 will return on 29 March on NBC network with episode 17 titled What Happened To Courtney.