Runners taking part in a fun run in Munich got a pleasant surprise when they were joined by runaway farmyard animals.

Competitors taking part in the German leg of the Wings for Life World Run on Sunday 6 May were joined by a flock of sheep, goats and a cow.

Luckily, the runners didn't appear to be fazed by the unusual competition.

Munich resident Claus Maier captured the bizarre scene on camera and shared videos of the animals to YouTube, which have been viewed more than 38,000 times since.

The Wings for Life run is one of the world's most unique challenges, in which runners across the globe set off to take part in different running competitions.

Runners in the UK, the United States, Germany, Austria, Chile, Norway and Taiwan take part.

Farm animals join in fun run
Farm animals join in a fun run in Munich YouTube/Claus Maier