A bear was spotted on camera sneaking into a man's backyard to go for a morning swim. Vijay Kotrappa posted a video to YouTube of the black bear casually wandering past his home in La Verne, in Los Angeles County, and climbing into the swimming pool to cool off in the Californian sun.

The unusual visitor swims several laps before getting out of the pool, shaking himself off and jumping over a wall to leave the yard.

Kotrappa joked the "cool bear" was "skinny dipping" in the pool.

This isn't the first time black bears have been caught red-handed breaking and entering to go for a swim.

Last September, two cubs and their mum decided to take a pool break in the middle of a hot California day at a house in Pasadena.

But while the mother cooled herself off in the water, the cubs caused chaos – with one accidentally bumping into and shattering a glass door into the home.

The American black bear is native to North America and can grow up to 6ft long. A large male black bear can weight up to 600lbs, but females rarely exceed 200lbs.

Black bear swimming
The bear was spotted in a backyard pool YouTube/Vijay Kotrappa