After witnessing some of the coolest and weirdest gadgets at CES 2018, it is time to take a look at a robotic monster – a terrifying robotic exoskeleton that could soon be seen racing across the deserts.

"Prosthesis" was first unveiled at CES 2017 but then it was only a 15ft tall, 16ftwide mechanical exoskeleton that stood quietly on the stage. Now, Furrion, the company that developed the exoskeleton, has made some major improvements, giving it the ability to not only walk but also race at speeds going up to 20mph.

On 8 January, 2018, the technology giant, mostly known for its high-end appliances and luxury electronics, shared a video, showcasing the enormous racing mech and its terrifying moves in a desert.

Prosthesis, according to a report in The Verge, weighs around 3,600kg and is capable of racing up to an hour on a single battery charge.

The mech appears to come straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, it is not a self-working robot. A human has to sit inside the exoskeleton to control and drive it, something akin to what we saw in the Power Rangers.

Specifically, the exoskeleton amplifies the motion of the driver. If the hands of the driver sitting inside are not moving in the right direction, the exoskeleton's movement won't be coordinated too.

And that's not it. Furrion has envisioned an adventurous future for Prosthesis -- a racing tournament dubbed X1 Mech Racing League, where a fleet of similar high-tech mechs would go head to head.

"Once we're happy with the level we're at with the technology and the human training ... the next step is to build a second mech or a third mech, and then within two years, hopefully, we launch the first X1 mech racing league," Furrion co-founder Aaron Fidlers said, according to a report in Digital Trends.

Considering this is just the first working model, it would be difficult to tell when the league might actually start. However, when it does, it would surely be the new favourite for most tech enthusiasts around the globe.