Great white shark
A fisherman fought off a great white shark with a broom Facebook/Salty Dog Fishing Charters

The moment an Australian fisherman fought off a great white shark with a red broom has been caught on camera.

Dan Hoey and his crew were fishing in Port Fairy, a coastal town in south-western Victoria, when the four-metre shark approached his boat.

The crew were fishing for yellowtail kingfish with bait, which is believed to have attracted the great white – which they called "Black Betty".

Hoey, the owner of Salty Dog Charter Fishing, saw the shark circling the boat but sprung into action with a broom when it started to attack the motor.

"We need the broom to clean at the end of the day, that's it's primary job. It's second job has become fending off white pointers," he told "It was coming right up to the boat. It didn't bite it properly but it started to get pretty fired up at one stage."

Meanwhile, another member of the crew grabbed a camera to film the incident.

Fortunately, this isn't the first time Hoey has faced a shark with a broom – he had to fight one of the predators off back in October.

Great whites are known for their formidable size and a mature female can grow up to six metres long. The sharks can live up to 70 years and have only one known predator, the killer whale.