The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead season 6 will soon see the entry of the notorious villain Negan AMC

After Rick Grimes's unexpected deadly move in episode 13, The Walking Dead season 6 will return with episode 14 this week. The show is expected to introduce its deadliest villain yet

The synopsis of the next episode hints at imminent danger as Grimes's group will split and move out of the safe zone of Alexandria in order to collect supplies. But as usual their journey will prove fatal as they will come face to face with 'immediate danger.'

The future of the community is dwindling as they are facing more problems from other deadlier survivor groups rather than the hordes of decayed zombies swarming around the safe zone.

TWD season 6, episode 14 airs on 20 March at 9pm ET on AMC. Click here to watch it online via live stream. The link is visible only in the US.

It remains to be seen what kind of danger the groups will meet on their way to collect supplies. Will they finally come face to face with Negan and his deadly weapon of a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wires? In episode 13, Rick promptly killed Primo when he claimed that he was Negan.

The official description of episode 14 titled Twice as Far reads: Two separate groups leave Alexandria for supplies, and while both worry over the future of the community, they will face immediate danger.

The series is just two weeks away from its finale which is titled Last Day on Earth and numerous theories are circulating over the internet regarding who will be the first victim of the notorious villain. While many thought, it will be Glenn, Steven Yeun has dismissed the comic book plot and hinted that his character may not be the first victim of the deadly villain.

Meanwhile, the Spoiling Dead Fans, a Facebook fan group of TWD, has revealed a scene description from the finale featuring Morgan and Carol. Read the scene description below:

"In one scene Morgan is on horseback, looking for Carol. He stumbles across a freshly killed walker and Carol's blood-stained rosary. He picks it up and continues on his search. At some point, Morgan finds Carol at a library camp. The survivors at this camp have all been slaughtered (presumably by the Saviors). Carol is injured with a slash wound on her side. Morgan patches her up with a first-aid kit and tells her that he'll get her back to get some help in the morning. Carol looks at him like he's crazy and tells him no"

Greg Nicotero will direct the finale of TWD season 6 which will air on 3 April on AMC.