The Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE both made their debut on Sept. 15, at the "Time Flies" event. Aside from the hardware, the company also launched WatchOS 7 for all supported models. While new software normally introduces a host of improvements, it appears the latest firmware for wearables has caused issues. This seems to be plaguing older models with reports of battery drain and random reboots, which can be annoying for users.

A common complaint among those who have an Apple Watch Series 3 is the unpredictable and multiple restarts. In fact, the official forums as well as other popular ones have been flooded by reports of how the problems started after their smartwatches were updated to WatchOS 7. There are some who have shared workarounds in an attempt to fix it, but it persists. One individual even instructed others to disable the "Heart Rate" data under the "Privacy" tab in the "Health" app.

"I'm also having issues with my Apple Watch Series 3 ever since I updated to the watch OS7 before I updated everything was working fine and smoothly but after I updated the new Watch OS7 software and I would wear it outside and take my daily walk it would turn off and turn back on, on its own and I feel like the battery also drains a little bit faster than(sic) usual," posted Bp91x on Apple's support forums.

The user continued: "Also I only had this watch for only a month this is a brand new watch I just bought it from target recently so I hope apple fixes this issue as soon as possible because it's not fair for the people that buy Apple products and then they're(sic) already having issues with their(sic) brand new devices." Another suggestion that purportedly addresses the battery drain issue is to factory reset the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch SE now available on Amazon
The introduction of the Apple Watch SE is likewise viewed by analysts as a brilliant marketing move that adds affordability to the catalogue. Photo: Apple

The new features that shipped along with WatchOS 7 include sleep tracking, handwashing detection, and more. On the other hand, the update prompted users to complain about the removal of Force Touch gestures. Apple has not issued any formal statements that acknowledge these issues but should gather details in order to resolve it soon.