The Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are finally here and boast upgrade and affordability, respectively. The former boasts the addition of an oximeter that allows users to monitor their blood oxygen saturation. Meanwhile, the latter is the brand's entry-level model to hopefully attract those who are hesitant to pay a premium price for their wearable. WatchOS 7 has finally been released which brings native sleep tracking to all supported Apple Watch model, but apparently disables the Force Touch function to the dismay of longtime users.

After updating their Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5 Apple Watches, many users reported what they thought might have been a bug. However, similar to the 3D Touch technology on their iPhones, Apple appears to have finally done away with the feature on its wearables as well. Prior to its removal, people used is as a convenient interactive gesture in context to notifications, activity, maps, alarm, messages, watch faces, workout, and music.

According to an article from Wccftech, Apple tweaked some aspects of the UI to make up for the missing function. So far, most of the feedback is unfavourable as users claim it adds extra steps to what was otherwise simple and intuitive. As such, one post on social media was urging others to send their feedback directly to the manufacturer in the hopes that a future update will bring back the Force Touch on the smartwatch.

One notable example is when the Apple Watch user wants to clear notifications. When Force Touch was still enabled all that was needed was a firm press. Now, users need to scroll all the way up and press the "Clear All" button to get it done. It seems that all of the familiar gestures on various apps have been given a similar treatment, which is evidently not sitting well with owners.

Apple Watch Series 5
The fifth-generation Apple Watch has new features including ambient noise monitoring and a "compass" to keep users properly oriented AFP / Josh Edelson

Perhaps with enough feedback or publicity regarding the Force Touch function, Apple might consider its return in the next major firmware update for its wearable lineup. For now, the company is busy marking the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and its Fitness+ workout streaming service to encourage healthier lifestyles and more.