Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis was assaulted by an angry commuter at London's Waterloo station.

Lewis, who made millions providing financial tips to Britons, got into an altercation at the train hub this morning (Wednesday 21 January).

He recounted the incident on social media, which began when a man pushed him while he was walking and checking his mobile phone during rush-hour.

Keeping his cool by not striking back, financial reporter Lewis actually asked the irate attacker to let him take a photograph to show to police.

"I said (not shouted) quite simply – 'the word is excuse me'," wrote Lewis of the attack.

"He turned around gripped me at the neck by my coat shoved me hard and said getting in my face 'don't text while you walk you t***, on your f****** phone you t***, you should get out of the f****** way'.

"I replied 'you've just assaulted me'. To which he said 'no I haven't I just called you a t***'. I then said again very deliberately without aggression or swearing back 'can you let me take a photo of you please so I can report you to the police'.

"He then hurried off round the corner down the steps to the Tube – sadly before I could photograph him."

A British Transport Police spokesman said: "We have been made aware of an allegation on social media of an altercation at Waterloo station this morning on Wednesday, January 21.