Wayward Pines premiere
Terrence Howard and Matt Dillon in the new series Wayward Pines Fox

Fox's mystery thriller series Wayward Pines premieres tonight, 14 May at 9pm.

The premiere episode of the show is titled Where Paradise Is Home, which is based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch.

Click here to watch the episode online on Fox's website.

The official synopsis of episode 1 reads as follows:

A Secret Service agent ends up questioning his own sanity as he searches for two missing colleagues in a strange town that he seemingly can't escape in the series premiere of this thriller based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch.

The show stars Matt Dillon as a US secret services agent Ethan Burke, who is investigating the disappearance of two federal agents in the mysterious small town of Wayward Pines.

Matt Dillon and M Night Shyamalan – who directed The Sixth Sense – spoke about the new series and dished on working together again.

"I'll be honest with you: I don't really watch television that much," Dillon told Fox News. "I liked this guy here on the left [Shyamalan] and the fact that he committed to it and I liked the script."

While Shyamalan said, "For Matt and I, we haven't really done TV... this form of being able to do an anthology and saying 'look, we will give it all for this and see how we feel' [attracted us to the show]."

The series centres on a small Idaho town, where at first glance everything seems to be normal.

"This town seems to be a real town; it appears to be a real place, but it's not," Dillon explained and added, "There is another truth underneath."

"This show was particularly tricky because you have different levels of reality. My character stumbles into this town early on, and it's kind of a subjective piece of storytelling... He is kind of with the audience discovering things. The things he discovers don't really add up," he explained.

Wayward Pines also stars Juliette Lewis, Melissa Leo and Terrence Howard.