The Weeknd reportedly wants to "apologise" to Bella Hadid for the way they ended their relationship. The former couple dated for a year before breaking up in November 2016.

The Starboy singer, 27, wants to make things right with his ex girlfriend as he feels somewhat responsible "for some of the things that went down" when they were in a relationship, HollywoodLife reports.

This comes just days after reports claimed that the Canadian singer's current girlfriend Selena Gomez spent some time with her ex Justin Bieber at her pad in Los Angeles.

"Now that Selena and Justin are talking again, The Weeknd feels inspired to reconnect with Bella and reestablish a friendship with her," a source told HollywoodLife.

"He feels like he owes Bella an apology for some stuff that went down. He really hopes they can talk it all out. It's important to him to keep positive vibes with the people in his life and Bella will always hold a dear place in his heart. He wants to make things right with her so they can be cool again."

Talking about Gomez and Beiber's reunion, the Daily Mail reports that the former couple recently started speaking, with the two reconnecting via friends who attend the same church as them.

"The community there is pretty tight-knit, and Justin and Selena have a lot of mutual friends who brought them back together," an insider said, according to the news website.

The former lovers are on the path to becoming good friends, with "Selena simply trying to make peace with Justin after her illness," while Bieber "has been great to her since her surgery and they are on good terms right now."

Gomez underwent a kidney transplant earlier this summer. Her donor was her close friend, actress Francia Raisa.