The extraordinary moment a multi-millionaire property mogul confessed to murdering escort Georgina Symonds can be shown for the first time.

Peter Morgan, 54, strangled the 25-year-old at his bungalow in Llanmartin, south Wales, where he allowed her to live rent-free while also paying her up to £10,000 (€11,900, €12,400) a month.

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 25 years after being found guilty of murder at Newport Crown Court on Wednesday (21 December).

Morgan, of Llanellen, Abergavenny, admitting killing Symonds but denied murder on grounds of diminished responsibility.

The father-of-two, who is worth £20m, said he feared the former burlesque dancer was going to leave him to work for other men, and that she planned to fleece money from him by threatening to share incriminating pictures and videos.

During a police interview after the killing, he told officers: "Well I had intention to kill, didn't I? Well I done it."

He continued: "The trouble was, once I'd, sort of, attempted to murder her I'd have been in a hell of a lot of trouble for that and she could've still gone on and blackmailed me, couldn't she?"

The court had heard how, in November 2015, Symonds had threatened to show intimate pictures of Morgan to his wife and two daughters if he left her.

The photos showed Morgan engaging in threesomes at his family home, Beech Hill Farm in Usk, Gwent, as well as images of her wearing his wife's dressing gown there, the Daily Mail reported.

peter morgan
Peter Morgan has been jailed for life Gwent Police

Morgan then became "increasingly controlling and obsessive" and planted a listening device in Symonds' home the following month.

He claimed to have overheard her discussing plans with her boyfriend to leave him soon after he signed over his bungalow to her.

He then made a murder kit shopping list, which included: "String, sim, gloves, snip, handle, tape, Special K, starter, rag, adapter."

Morgan confronted Symonds at the home on 12 January this year, strangling her to death with twine.

The wealthy businessman, who has since been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, told the jury he released the pressure around her neck but strangled her again after she defiantly told him: "You're going to pay for this."

After murdering the mother-of-one, Morgan wrapped up her lifeless body in a plastic sheet before carrying her to the boot of his Porsche. He drove to his home and hid the body in an outhouse.

Morgan showed police to the corpse after she was reported missing when she failed to pick up her daughter from school.

The court heard how Morgan had started using prostitutes after suffering a "mid-life crisis" during which he also bought an American fire engine and a British Army tank.

In a statement released after Morgan's conviction, Symonds' mother, Deborah, said: "The death of my daughter Georgina has been a devastating tragedy for the whole of our family. Her beautiful daughter has been left without a mum. Georgina has left a hole in our lives that will never be repaired.

"All of our happy memories will be kept forever in our hearts."

She added: "The family would like to express our sincere thanks to Gwent Police who have been excellent throughout our ordeal."

Detective Superintendent Roger Fortey, of Gwent Police, added: "This is a tragic case that resulted in the death of Georgina, the loss of a mother, daughter, sister and friend to many.

"The actions of Peter Morgan were calculated and he committed the act without emotion. Hopefully this conviction will bring some closure to the family in terms of the criminal justice process but we are in no doubt that Georgina's family and friends will continue to mourn and grieve for the rest of their lives.

"Our condolences remain with those who have suffered her loss."

Georgina Symonds
Georgina Symonds, 25, was a former burlesque dancer Facebook