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Everybody loves pancakes, especially on Pancake Day – otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday. This year, it falls on Tuesday 28 February.

Here is a simple recipe for basic – and delicious – pancakes.

How to make crepes

200g plain flour

350-400ml milk

2 large eggs

One tablespoon vegetable oil, plus vegetable oil for frying

pinch salt

Whisk the milk and eggs together in a container. Put the flour into a large bowl and add the milk and egg mixture, whisking together until you have a smooth batter.

Add one tbsp of vegetable oil and whisk again.

Add a small amount of vegetable oil to a large frying pan and wipe it with a piece of kitchen roll to remove the excess.

Heat the pan over a medium heat for a couple of minutes, before adding a ladle of batter. Swirl the batter in the frying pan to create a thin layer.

Cook the pancake for just under a minute, before using a spatula to lift the edges of the pancake and carefully turn it over. Cook on the other side for the same amount of time before removing from the pan.

Silver Dollar Pancakes
American pancakes are thicker and fluffier than crepes iStock

How to make American pancakes

250ml milk

125g plain flour

One medium egg

Three tablespoons granulated sugar

3/4 teaspoon salt

Two tablespoons softened butter

Four teaspoons baking powder

Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and whisk together.

Heat a large frying pan on a medium heat and using a ladle, spoon a portion of batter into the pan (around half a ladle's worth).

After around two to three minutes, flip the pancake using a spatula and cook for another two to three minutes. Repeat for each pancake until you have a stack. You can keep the first pancakes warm by covering with tin foil and placing in a heated oven.