Former cyclist Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong has compared himself to Lord Voldemort Reuters

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Google trends UK – Top 5

Jurassic World
Chris Pratt as Owen, the dinosaur trainer in Jurassic World Universal

Twitter trends UK – Top 10 (as of 11.30pm BST)

Facebook trends Top 5

  • George Osborne: Chancellor of the Exchequer Unveils Plans to Sell Stake in Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Chris Hemsworth: Actor Cast in Upcoming Paul Feig-Directed 'Ghostbusters' Film
  • The Crystal Maze: Game Show Announces Comeback on Website After 20 Years Off the Air
  • Ant & Dec: ITV Presenters Each Earn £23,000 a Day, Report Says
  • Al Jean: 'The Simpsons' Executive Producer Says Homer and Marge Will Separate in Upcoming Season
Larry Page
Google co-founder and chief executive Larry Page Reuters

Alexa Trends – Top 10

1. Ellen Pao

2. voat

3. Holly Madison

4. Glassdoor

5. Panasonic Lumix G7

6. Jurassic World

7. Dellavedova

8. Joyce Carol Oates

9. Nasdaq:nflx

10. Ingrid Nilsen

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