In a rather bizarre incident, a popular radio presenter from St Louis, Missouri, delivered her baby on air on Tuesday, 20 Tuesday.

The weekday morning presenter on The Arch station said she broadcasted her birth experience because she wanted to share the "most exciting day" of her life with her audience, The BBC reported. There were no ear-splitting screams though as she had a Caesarean.

Talking about the baby, Jameson's, birth Proctor said she started experiencing labour pains on Monday, two weeks before her due date. At that moment, she came up with the idea of giving birth on air. "It was amazing to be able to share the most exciting day of my life with our radio listeners," she said.

The new mother went on say that the delivery on air was "an extension of what I already do every day on our radio show [as] I share all aspects of my life with the [listeners]".

Scott Roddy, programme director for the Arch, said that they contacted a nearby hospital and arranged for a C-section. "As a program director, I was very happy about that timing," Roddy added.

He added that Proctor never hesitated about involving her profession with her very personal life. "She was all about it. She shares everything. That's who she is," Roddy was quoted as saying The Riverfront Times newspaper.

Little Jedi.

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Local media reports stated that Jameson, who weighs 7lbs 6oz, is doing great and is all up for spending time with his mother, who will now go on her maternity leave from the Spencer's Neighbourhood morning show.

Rodd told the news agency that the baby's name was also chosen by the show's listeners.

"Twelve silly names and twelve names chosen by the couple competed for one slot. We kept voting until we got to Jameson," Roddy added.

Proctor's co-host Spencer Graves, who announced the amazing delivery on air on Tuesday, said the birth was a "magical, intimate moment".