Rebecca Grossman and family
Socialite Grossman allegedly raced drunk, hit and killed boys, fled scene. Prosecutors say she's selfish and blames others. Victim's family outraged. Twitter / Simo saadi🇲🇦🇵🇸🇺🇸 @Simo7809957085

LA Socialite and philathropist Rebecca Grossman was recently sentenced with 15 years to life in prison for fatally striking two young brothers in a hit and run incident that happened in Westlake Village, LA in the morning of Sept. 29, 2020.

This, after making a desperate plea to consider "My pain, my recognition of the pain the Iskanders suffer, and the pain I watch my family endure, are punishments that I already suffer and will for the rest of my life."

She was found guilty early this year of second degree murders of brothers Jacob, 8, and Mark Iskander, 11.

According to a report, prosecutors were gunning for Judge Joseph Brandolino to give her the maximum 34 years to life sentence, but the judge, considering her philanthropic background, said that she was "not a monster as the prosecutors portrayed her to be," and just handed down the 15 years to life sentence. She would also need to pay $47,000 as restitution to the Iskander family.

The lenient sentence was controversial because details of the event showed that Grossman had been drinking with her lover, former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson for brunch when the pair decided to race around the residential area where Grossman struck the two brothers.

Grossman strongly rejected the "murderer" label despite her conviction. "I am not a murderer, and I ask you to recognise that true fact," she wrote in a letter to the judge.

She recognised the suffering of the Iskander family, who lost their sons, and the pain it caused her own family. Grossman argued that her emotional burden is already a significant punishment and pleaded with the judge to consider it during sentencing.

Speeding, Racing, and Hit-and-Run

Grossman's husband, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Grossman, along with their children Alexis and Nick, submitted letters to the court supporting a probationary sentence. About three dozen of Grossman's supporters also submitted similar letters.

Rebecca Grossman husband and children
Socialite Grossman faces charges for a fatal crash. Twitter / Support Ukraine or Admit You Support Putin @ShoshannaMemedc

All three also attended court on Monday for Grossman's sentencing, where she faced the victims' loved ones. "My pain is a fraction of your pain," Grossman said in tears to the young victims' mother, Nancy Iskander, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Overcome by denial following the crash, Grossman reportedly told the court, "I never saw anyone. I never saw anyone." She expressed her despair, stating, "I would have driven into a brick wall .... I don't know why God did not take my life."

Fueled by grief, Nancy Iskander pleaded with Judge Brandolino to impose a sentence that reflected the tragic loss of her two sons, according to the newspaper. "She is a coward," she reportedly said of Grossman.

Peter Grossman remained by his wife's side throughout the trial, even after evidence emerged that she had been drinking with her then-boyfriend, Erickson, before the crash.

In the letter, Rebecca Grossman continued to avoid taking full responsibility, claiming that although the "tragic accident" that killed the brothers haunts her, she "did not see anyone or anything in the road" on the day her car struck Jacob and Mark.

Prosecutors claimed she was in a high-speed race with Erickson in her Mercedes GLE 43 AMG, reaching speeds of up to 81 mph before the horrific crash. "I can only imagine the pain that (the boys' parents) Nancy and Karim Iskander feel minute by minute," Grossman wrote. "I will carry my pain for the rest of my life." Grossman insisted she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident.

"The voices demanding vengeance and retribution are reacting to the tragic loss of Mark and Jacob, but they do not fairly describe me or who I am. I am not a murderer," she concluded.

Who Is Rebecca Grossman

Rebecca Grossman co-founded the Grossman Burn Foundation. She is a 60-year-old affluent California socialite and philanthropist married to Dr. Peter Grossman. Together, they started the foundation and have two children, a son and a daughter.

According to the West Hills Hospital website, Dr. Grossman, a plastic surgeon, splits his private medical practice between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and caring for burn-injured patients. He serves as the medical director of the Grossman Burn Centers at West Hills Hospital and San Joaquin Community Hospital in Bakersfield.

Victim's Family Denounces Self-Centered Letter

The letter to the judge echoed the one Grossman sent to Nancy and Karim Iskander, which the family criticised for focusing on her own pain rather than theirs. The Iskanders also revealed her proposal to buy a house and convert it into a burn and trauma centre dedicated to their sons, a suggestion they found insensitive.

The prosecution has labelled her as a "narcissist," convinced her wealth and celebrity would secure her freedom. They also accuse her of attempting to pin the fatal crash on Erickson.

"The defendant's actions from September 29, 2020, through today show a complete lack of remorse and narcissistic superiority that leads to only one conclusion, that she is undeserving of any leniency," prosecutors said.

Mark and Jacob Iskander
Socialite Grossman faces charges for racing and causing fatal crash. Prosecutors allege she was drunk and fled. Twitter / Ryan M. Lee @ryanthewriter

"The loss of these two innocent lives has devastated their family and our community. Ms. Grossman's blatant disregard for human life is a stark reminder of the grave consequences of irresponsible behaviour behind the wheel," Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón said in a statement.

According to WHO, an estimated 1.19 million people lose their lives on the roads, and millions more are injured every year. Tragically, this is the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years.