Destiny 2 Lord Shaxx
Lord Shaxx at his post a the Tower in Destiny 2. Bungie

There are more multiplayer video games than anyone could ever hope to count, but very few of them have top quality announcers calling the action. A great announcer can be iconic. Just think of the cries of "Headshot!"and "Fatality!" that have accompanied competitive triumphs over the years.

Halo, Mortal Kombat, Quake, NBA Jam - they all have fantastic announcers as beloved as the games they passionately narrate. A recent addition to this small group is Destiny 2, but for very different reasons.

Lord Shaxx, who makes the calls in Destiny's multiplayer 'Crucible', was never to my taste in the original 2014 game. He was a perfectly okay announcer and served his purpose, but he wasn't a great.

Actor Lennie James's delivery was, like the game itself, too dry and too restrained.

At times he sounded like he was reading out an electricity bill, but it was a very different story with this year's sequel.

Once again James's performance reflects the approach of the game. Now he's enthusiastic, brimming with energy and self-belief.

What sets Shaxx apart from his fellow announcers is that he doesn't just describe the action directly, calling out headshots, killstreaks and phases of the game.

The voice of Quake was iconic because of this, and Bungie gave Halo's announcer Jeff Steitzer some excellent killstreak names to work with ("Killtacular!" "Killamanjaro!" "Killionaire!"). Shaxx however, offers something different.

James delivers his lines with more personality and humour, making Shaxx a better character with each joyous outburst and inspiring rally. He addresses players themselves, offering support and encouragement when momentum is with them or they're falling behind.

He laughs, yelps with excitement, tells you he's on the edge of his seat. Shaxx is an eager onlooker, almost like a shoutcaster, only a bit less shouty. The only thing he loves more than watching guardians compete in the Crucible is watching them excel.

The huge improvement between Destiny and its sequel is only emphasised by the return of Iron Banner, a once-distinct branch of the Crucible, and its own announcer Lord Saladin.

Voiced by Keith Ferguson, best known as Overwatch character Reaper, Saladin is simply nowhere near the calibre of Shaxx. He does at least put how good his friendly rival is into context.

Shaxx is Destiny's Brian Blessed. A bombastic, loveable caricature bursting with love for the sport of what he oversees.

He isn't just there to let you know what's happening and excitedly reward the best players for their triumphs, he's there to support everyone and draw out the best in them. That's what makes him the best announcer in gaming.