Nicklas Bendtner claims that many of his former colleagues prefer to hire sex workers over seeking out casual flings while on a night out. The ex-Arsenal ace picked out two reasons why footballers choose to pay for pleasure rather than seek it from a random stranger.

The Premier League is no stranger to stories of footballers being caught cheating or having casual flings when on their nights out in town. Bendtner has revealed that the fear of being exposed is one of the main reasons famous sports personalities turn to professionals to satisfy their needs.

"Believe me, everyone in my industry has heard of someone who's been at it, especially in England where it's a grand old tradition to share your c***-and-ball stories with a full audience," the Dane wrote in his 2020 autobiography titled "Both Sides", as quoted on Sport Bible.

"It's less risky than picking up girls while out on the town. You hardly dare do the deed with a 'civilian' any longer. Not when you're a famous footballer."

However, the fear of getting exposed is not the only factor behind footballers seeking out sex workers. Bendtner revealed that he has heard of many stories where the footballers have been extorted by the "civilians" in order to keep the encounter private.

The former Denmark international even recalled a personal incident that saw him being extorted after a casual fling. He labeled the girls "gold diggers," who let themselves be seduced by the footballers before taking pictures of the player in a compromising situation and holding it over them to extort financial favours.

"One of the girls I've been with comes back and claims I've got her pregnant. That there's a price if she's going to do something about it," Bendtner added.

"'And what does that mean?' I ask. 'It means you've got to pay for a pair of new boobs for me. I want my t*****s fixed,' she says. So I end up paying for her trip to the cosmetic surgeon."

Bendtner spent nine years with the Arsenal first team between 2005 and 2014 making 108 appearances, while he also spent time on loan with Birmingham City and Sunderland during that period. The Dane then returned in 2016 for a season in the Championship with Nottingham Forest.

Nicklas Bendtner
Nicklas Bendtner will be eager to start against former club Arsenal at the City Ground on Tuesday night Nathan Stirk/Getty Images