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Getty Images / Andrew Redington

A 50-year-old Korean woman cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping, claim reports from the region.

The wife, referred to only as Mrs. Kim, confessed to police during their initial investigation that her husband had been violent towards her in the past, while also stating that he "never gave her money to live" and spent "a lot of time out and playing golf."

The incident occurred in Yeosu, a port city located in the South Jeolla Province in South Korea. According to statements made by locals, the pair had what appeared on the surface to be a "good relationship," reports Jeju Weekly.

The victim of the attack was discovered after a neighbour heard a pained groaning sound coming from the married couple's apartment. Upon investigating the unknown noise, the neighbour found the husband lying on the floor.

There has been speculation that the cause of the assault may have been caused by the possible revelation that he had been secretly cheating on his wife, however this is no firm evidence to back up the claim. It has also been suggested that Mrs. Kim flushed the dismembered penis down a toilet, but this has also not been verified.

After the scene had been discovered and reported to police, the victim was taken to hospital and is said to be in a "stable" condition following the attack. The local police department is reportedly conducting an investigation to further determine Mrs. Kim's true motivations before issuing an arrest warrant.