Mr Robot season 2
Mr Robot, Elliot, Darlene and Angela in USA Network's series, Mr Robot USA Network

Elliot will try to get details about what happened to Tyrell Wellick from his alter-ego in Mr Robot season 2's upcoming episode. Episode 7 is titled, eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme, which will air on 17 August at 10pm EST on USA Network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Mr. Robot and Elliot try to make nice; fsociety releases a video in honor of Uncle Sam; and Darlene acts on a long-ago desire

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Fans of Mr Robot were treated to a 1980s-1990s nostalgia trip in a totally unexpected way in episode 6 wherein the Alderson family, including Elliot, Darlene and their parents take a road trip "to a place that makes you better." The whole sequence was Elliot's imagination aided by Mr Robot, after he had suffered a brutal beating from Ray's goons. Although it wasn't real, it brought Elliot closer to Mr Robot as the hacker embraced the fact that his split personality could be an asset in certain circumstances.

The promo for episode 7 shows Elliot asking Mr Robot about Tyrell Wellick, who disappeared after the 5/9 hack. Elliot asks, "What are you so afraid of that will happen to me if you tell me the truth?"

"Fine, I will tell you!" says Mr Robot, and adds, "What is the last thing you remember?" Later he is seen showing Elliot something and admitting, "We were going to be next!" Following this, Elliot asks, "I did it? Didn't I?"

Meanwhile, Darlene and Angela's plan to hack into FBI fails and the E-Corp employee may have landed herself in trouble in episode 7. A promo for the episode shows FBI agent Dominic questioning Angela. "What were you doing on the restricted floor?" Dom asks Angela. Did Elliot kill Tyrell? Will Angela blurt out the truth to the FBI? Keep watching Mr Robot every Wednesday on USA Network to find out.