When Prince William and Prince Harry were seen talking to each other after their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral, it was seen as a hope for future reconciliation. However, it has now been reported that their chat was soon followed by an argument.

According to royal expert Robert Lacey, William and Harry didn't get along and were "at each other's throats" at the funeral which marked their first face-to-face meeting since the latter left the UK in March last year after quitting as a working royal. "Some inching towards reconciliation seemed in progress. ... But those hopes were dashed within minutes of the siblings getting inside the castle and beyond camera vision," Lacey wrote for Daily Mail.

The author, who recently released his book "Battle of Brothers" about the royal siblings' rivalry, added that the duo "started quarreling again" as soon as they escaped the cameras.

One long-time friend said about their meeting: "There they were, at each other's throats as fiercely as ever. The rage and anger between those two has grown so incredibly deep. Too many harsh and wounding things have been said."

Lacey said that "a network of devoted friends and a few family members are working seriously" to broker peace between the warring brothers, and there are several peace plans in action ahead of their reunion at the unveiling of their mother Princess Diana's statue on July 1. Their support system is reportedly made up of "a blend of schoolmates, playmates, fellow revellers at 'Club H' (the brothers' discotheque in the basement at Highgrove), companions from the Armed forces, royal mentors and aides who have earned special confidence over the years — plus a few older pillars of wisdom and advice among Diana's friends."

The royal biographer pointed out that a large number of common attendees at the brothers' weddings in 2011 and 2018 is indicative of their mutual friend circle, and noted that these friends made up a "particularly tightly knit network until the moment of Meghan's arrival." These friends have not taken sides or aggravated the hostilities between the brothers and instead have been seeing both points of view.

However, some of them are not fond of "the bizarre combination of self-promotion and self-pity that characterises Meghan, and can see why it has infuriated William." "Meghan can be a 500 per cent nightmare. The never-ending PR. She's just so . . . American!" some close friends of the Duke of Sussex reportedly said.

William and Harry at Pippa Middleton wedding
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry arrive for the wedding ceremony of Pippa Middleton to James Matthews at St Mark's Church on 20 May Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images