The Windows 10 Mobile preview build 10240 has leaked for a few Lumia handsets.

Lumia 930, Lumia 640 and 640 XL could experience the leaked preview build, as the download links are available for them, courtesy of WMPU. The leak comes from China.

Check out the download links below. The downloads are pretty slow.

Download links

Lumi 930 (Password- 8axc)

Lumia 640 (Password- uf52)

Lumia 640 XL (Password- fvji)

It is recommended that you avoid using the leaked ROM, as it could cause damage to your system in case something goes wrong.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10240 emulator

The emulator for the build 10240 was leaked a week ago. Folks at WMPU, who managed to lay their hands on the emulator, note that the update brings performance improvements and other minor fixes. Although there is no new change, the OS is faster and intuitive than previous preview releases.

Besides, multitasking seems to have improved and some apps have been updated. So future releases might not add updates for these apps.

Windows 10 Mobile new build

Microsoft is planning to release a new preview build for Windows 10 Mobile, Gabriel Aul, vice- president, WDG Engineering System team at Microsoft, has confirmed.

He says build 10240 has a blocking bug and the team needs to fix the issue in the newer build. While there is no specific time frame for the availability, Aul says it will take a few more days.