The Witness PS4 PC
The Witness is set on a mysterious island filled with puzzles. Sony

Developer Jonathan Blow has revealed that his latest title, The Witness, could sell more in its first week than his debut game Braid did in its entire first year on sale. The Witness is a PS4 and PC puzzle game that was released on 26 January.

In a series of tweets (below), Blow revealed the news, making clear he was unable to specify sales numbers. "The Witness is on track to sell more in a week than Braid sold in its first year, and Braid was a hit indie game!" he said.

"Which is not to be too money-oriented, it's just great that we'll be able to make the next game at a comparable budget level (maybe bigger, we'll see!)"

Blow's first game as lead designer and creative lead was Braid, released in August 2008 on Xbox 360 as part of Microsoft's then-annual Summer of Arcade event – which played a large part in the indie game boom of the late 2000s. Braid was a critical and commercial success, and just one of numerous classics born out of the Summer of Arcade initiative.

Blow developed the game with a team he christened Number None Inc. For The Witness, he called his team Thekla Inc. Development on the game began in late 2008 , with its existence announced in 2009. The game was reintroduced alongside the PlayStation 4's reveal in February 2013.

Despite a lengthy development, The Witness was met with rave reviews, with numerous publications awarding it top marks – including IGN, Giant Bomb, Destructoid and Videogamer.

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