Wolfenstein: The New Order Review
Bethesda Softworks

While fans of the Half Life 2 are eagerly waiting for a sequel to the game, Cliff Bleszinski, ex-Epic Games developer, says that the new Wolfenstein game is one of the best first-person shooter campaigns since Half-Life 2, according to a report by GamingBolt.

This doesn't come as a surprise since the title developed by first-time developer Machine Games and publisher Bethesda has everything required to keep first person shooter fans hooked for hours at a time.

The game carefully mixes modern day technology with classic FPS game elements and a solid story to keep gamers more than just engaged.

'The new Wolfenstein was in my opinion, and I daresay this, one of the best first-person shooter campaigns since Half-Life 2", said Bleszinski to PC Gamer.

"And I think I'm about halfway through right now, I'm stuck on this bridge section but I refuse to lower the difficulty because I hate having to do that in a game.

"But when I saw that game at E3 a couple years ago and then PAX East, I was completely underwhelmed, I was writing it off. I didn't want to be a d*** and say something about it on social, but my expectations were really low—I thought it seemed kind of cheesy and just weird. And then when I got hands-on, it was extraordinarily well written, graphically gorgeous, and the maps were extremely well built. And the combat was just fantastic, it was a labor of love," Bleszinski said to PCGamer.

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