Eriq La Salle has been added to the cast of Wolverine 3, but it remains to be seen what role the veteran actor would play. The development comes after 20th Century Fox announced last week that Stephen Merchant and Richard E Grant would be part of the film. However, their roles have also not been disclosed as yet.

Moreover, rumours are afloat that the final Wolverine movie's plot will be inspired on the famous Old Man Logan storyline. But, the makers of the movie have been tight-lipped about the plot and other details.

There is speculation that Salle's character could be an ally to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and help the Beast in his final quest, while imparting wisdom and knowledge. Further speculations suggest that if the movie's plot is based on the Old Man Logan storyline then the movie will see a few villains, and Salle could play the super villain Doctor Doom. La Salle is well-known for his portrayal of Dr Peter Benton in the ER television series.

According to reports, Boyd Holbrook will play the lead villain, a security chief of a big corporation, while Grant will play a mad scientist. Patrick Stewart will dawn the role of Charles Xavier. Rumours further suggest that the makers of the film are currently looking out for actresses for the role of X-23.

Filming for Wolverine 3 – scripted by David James Kelly and directed by James Mangold – will start this month. The Lauren Shuler Donner-produced film is scheduled to hit theatres in the US on 3 March 2017.