In a shocking incident, a rural Indian woman, aged 28, was humiliated by fellow villagers on the suspicions that she helped her brother have an affair with a girl.

Police said on Monday (7 July) that they arrested eight people, including a teenage girl, for allegedly beating up the victim and parading her naked in the village on 4 August.

The arrested people included family members of the girl suspected of dating the victim's brother. The incident took place in Varngalwadi village in Beed district in the western state of Maharashtra.

Police reportedly told the Press Trust of India that the victim was first beaten up in front of her husband on 2 August by three of the accused. However, they let her go after the couple pleaded for forgiveness.

A day later, five women and four men came to the victim's house while her husband was away at work and brutally assaulted her again. "They tore her clothes and paraded her naked in the village. On the way, she was beaten up with chappals [slip on footwear]," a police official said quoting the complaint filed by the couple.

Police added that the arrests were made after the complaint was filed at the local police station. All the adult accused are in police custody while the teenage girl has been sent in juvenile custody.

It was not clear what charges were pressed against the accused group.