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A Kazakh beautician was arrested for allegedly chopping off her boyfriend's testicles - Representational image Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In a horrifying case, a man had to pay a very heavy price for eyeing other women, despite being in a relationship with one.

Zhanna Nurzhanova allegedly chopped off her boyfriend, R Suleimanov's, testicles when she learned he was interested in another woman. The alleged incident happened in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, according to the Mirror.

The report noted that the accused and the victim were in a relationship but, Suleimanov had recently confided in his sister his affection for another woman named Karina. Nurzhanova also found out that the 36-year-old victim had pictures of other "stunning girls" on his phone.

Nurzhanova then allegedly planned this revenge attack and lured Suleimanov into a sex game, during which she secretly gave him a sleeping pill and cut off his testicles.

An official court statement filed against the woman stated, "She didn't throw a scandal, but instead on 21 January, Zhanna pretended she was desperate for sex. She offered to play a sex game and tied his legs and arms with four scarves. Then she took out two pills, allegedly barbiturates, and forced them into the man's mouth.

"At about 2 am, she pulled off his underwear and started accusing him of being in close contact with another woman. She beat his head, face and chest with an aluminium stick. Then she took three ampules of (anaesthetic) and a syringe, and injected it all around the man's groin."

The statement added that Nurzhanova, using a scalpel, cut the man's left testicle first and tied the spermatic cord with a thread. Next, she attacked the right testicle and tried to stitch the cut "but a thread slid off and the man started bleeding".

Nurzhanova then drove Suleimanov to the hospital, where she was detained, the Mirror added. She has reportedly been charged on unspecified counts and her lawyer, Oleg Korchagin, said she could face up to ten years in jail if convicted.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the doctors were unable to reattach the victim's testicles, but his penis faced no harm.

"If his penis is still in place, he won't have children, but will be able to have sex," Bulat Shalekenov, chairman of the Men's Health Association of Kazakhstan, said. "He might even have a testicles replacement surgery. There were cases like this in the world but we have not done such surgery in Kazakhstan," he added.