Phone screen repairs led to a run-in with a pervert for Gloria Elisa Fuentes. Fuentes had taken her iPhone to an Apple store to get the screen repaired. She was shocked to find that her phone was used by the Apple technician to transfer her intimate picture to his phone.

The California-based woman was forced to rush to take her iPhone to the Apple store. Her appointment at the Apple store was unexpectedly moved up. Fuentes claims that in the rush to meet her appointment with the Apple technician, she failed to delete the intimate picture she had on her phone

Fuentes added that she had made an effort to remove her personal information and private photographs from the phone prior to the appointment. The photograph that the Apple technician took from her phone was almost a year old.

Broken iPhone 6
Apple technician stole client's nude while repairing broken screen. iStock

During her appointment, the technician asked for Fuentes' phone PIN code twice. Fuentes thought he needed to know the PIN as a part of the repair process. In reality, the pervert had illegally accessed the customer's phone and scrolled through over 5,000 pictures before finding the intimate image Fuentes had forgotten to erase.

After his disgusting deed, the technician returned Fuentes' phone. When Fuentes got home, she opened her phone to find a message sent from her phone to an unknown number. The message contained the intimate picture which she had sent to her boyfriend nearly a year ago. Fuentes suspected that the phone number belonged to the Apple technician since he was the last person in possession of her phone.

Upon returning to the Apple store and confronting the technician, Fuentes got a confession that the phone number belonged to the man. However, the man claimed that he had no idea how the image was sent from Fuentes' phone to his.

The Daily Star pointed out that Apple fired the employee for breaching client privacy policy. Fuentes has also claimed that she will be pressing charges against the sneaky technician for his highly inappropriate behaviour.