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A woman in Massachusetts allegedly posted on social media after murdering a man who cut her off in traffic. 20-year-old Graciela Paulino was arrested and charged with murder on Thursday (15 February), the county's district attorney said.

In a news release, the Middlesex DA said that emergency vehicles attended a report of a car crash involving a motorist who had been shot at around 12:39pm on Thursday. There, officers saw a Blue Hyundai Accent that had crashed into a cement barrier.

The victim, 34-year-old Marc Devoe, was transported to Lowell General Hospital and was there pronounced dead.

Authorities said that a preliminary investigation suggested that Paulino had followed Devoe and a friend after an altercation in traffic.

"We are obviously early in the investigation but it is our understanding at this point that there was some incident that occured in traffic that resulted in a following of the vehicle with Mr Devoe, this is obviously an allegation at this point that this is an act of gun violence arising from what seemed to be a random encounter in traffic," District Attorney Marian T. Ryan said at a press conference.

A police report filed in court and seen by the Boston Globe alleged that Devoe was travelling with his colleague, Brian Daigle, who told authorities that Devoe "may have cut off" another driver. He said they later started to realise they were being followed.

When they arrived at the construction site where they worked, Daigle said that Paulino pulled up next to them and the three started arguing. Daigle told authorities that he noticed the woman reach to her waistband, told Devoe "forget it, it's just a girl" and they drove off.

Paulino then continued to follow them, Daigle alleged, so they pulled over and got out under Hale Street Bridge. When she drove past, Daigle said he heard a gunshot.

Devoe allegedly said "I've been hit" and then got back in the car to chase Paulino, ultimately crashing the vehicle.

Police noted a Facebook post by Paulino that could be read as referring to the incident: "Tried to warn Em tried to tell Em told Em stop that you my son don't make me spank you." The post appears to no longer be available online.

Paulino was arraigned in Lowel District Court on Friday.