Police in the Australian state of Victoria who pulled over a female driver for having no license plates on her vehicle were shocked to discover she was high on crystal meth and had two young children in the back seat not wearing seatbelts.

Officers from Somerville Highway Patrol said the woman was on her way to collect some more children from a nearby school. The two children in the back seat were a toddler of about three and a baby of about three months, who was only restrained by a loosely fitted safety harness.

Police have not said if the accused woman was related to the children, or to the other children she was on her way to collect when stopped and tested.

The incident took place in the Melbourne suburb of Langwarrin on Friday (18th November) at 3.50pm local time. The woman was asked to take an oral fluid test which revealed the presence of methylamphetamine in her system.

According to police, the unnamed woman faces a number of charges including driving under the influence (DUI), driving an unregistered vehicle, driving an unsafe vehicle, and failing to have children properly restrained.

Forensic analysis will now be applied to the drug test said Victoria police spokeswoman Kelly Grindley.

In October (2016) police in Australia seized 1.2 tonnes of crystal MDMA worth £90m ($111.2m). Two Polish men aged 28 and 29 were arrested in connection with the seizure, thought to be one of the largest in Australian history. If convicted the two men could be sentenced to life in prison.

Langwarrin Victoria Australia meth driving
The woman was driving along Robinsons Road, Langwarrin when stopped by highway patrol google streetview