Eyeball close up
Catt Gallinger has posted the pictures to warn others about the risk associated with scleral tattoo, the practice of tattooing the white part of the human eye - Representational image Getty

A Canadian woman posted some disturbing pictures of her eye leaking purple dye to warn others of the risks associated with eyeball tattoos.

The 24-year-old tattoo and body modification model, Catt Gallinger, wrote on Facebook that getting convinced for the scleral tattoo – the practice of tattooing the white part of the human eye – was the biggest mistake of her life.

Gallinger said that immediately after she got a tattoo on her right eye on 5 September, her eye began leaking purple dye down her face. Her eye was also swollen shut the next day, FOX 8 reported.

She reported having blurred vision and pain in the right eye. "I took my eyesight for granted and trusted someone I shouldn't have. And even if this heals, my eyesight is not going to be back," Gallinger said in a video posted on her social media page.

Gallinger has seen several doctors as well as an ophthalmologist and a corneal specialist, and may have to undergo surgery.

The woman has also blamed the tattoo artist for her condition, saying that the tattoo artist convinced her to undergo the procedure despite her reservations. Gallinger is now considering filing a lawsuit against the tattoo artist, alleging that he used the wrong needle for the procedure.

Several commenters criticised her for getting the tattoo after she shared her pictures and videos online, while others have thanked her and said they support her.

"I want to keep promoting awareness about this. If people don't talk about his and make it public, people are still going to take the chance. And I would hate to see others lose their vision or lose an eye or go through the process I'm going through," Gallinger said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the man who claimed to have invented the scleral tattoo procedure has warned people about the risks.

Luna Cobra has said that the practice should be banned for anyone who is not licensed eye surgeon. "I think the art is beautiful and it should continue, but I think it should continue in a safe manner," Cobra added, according to USA Today.