Cats are curious creatures that never shy away from exploring the most obscure spaces and corners. This may sometimes get them into trouble as well, and this is what happened to Ashlin Hadden's cat, who may have died if it had not been rescued in time.

Hadden was away on a business trip and had left her cat at home with some builders who were still doing some remodelling work on her bathroom. When she came back, her cat was nowhere to be seen, and the only thing she could hear was muffled meows.

She kept looking for her pet Stripes, only to find the muffled meows coming from behind the wall. It was later discovered that the builder had plastered her cat into the bathroom wall and that she had been stuck there for three days.

She spoke about her ordeal in a TikTok video: I hired somebody to redo the bathroom. They pulled out the bathtub and put in the new shower thing."

"And as I'm sitting here trying to figure out where my cat is, I can hear the cat crying from somewhere in here. The stupid a** contractor drywalled my cat into the drywall underneath the (new) bathtub," she said.

Hadden also shared CCTV footage of her trying to track the cat's muffled cries in a confused state. She somehow managed to punch a hole in the wall and rescue her beloved cat, who is now doing fine.

But her post did not go down well with several social media users who slammed her for leaving her cat alone at home. She later clarified that she at had an "auto feeder and auto pooper" set-up.

"When the contractor went downstairs to get the paint, he left the door open, he left the hole uncovered in the wall," she said in another post. "Obviously the cat did what cats are going to do and was curious. I guess that's why they say curiosity killed the cat."

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Representative image Pixabay