Police line do not cross
File photo: US police tape Reuters

Police in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have said an arrest has been made after a family dispute left a woman in a critical condition, with a stab wound and burns. Earlier reports said that the woman had been set on fire.

Responding to enquiries from IBTimes UK, Philadelphia police said that a black female was stabbed by her nephew one time, in the stomach. Authorities also said that the woman "sustained burns to the left side of her buttocks".

The woman was transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Centre, where she is listed as being in an "extremely critical condition". Police said the scene is being held and that a weapon has not yet been recovered, but that an arrest has been made - it was not clear whether the nephew mentioned by authorities was the arrested party.

The incident took place around 8am on Friday (10 November) in the city's 19th district. The incident took place inside a private residence, police said. ABC6 earlier reported that police had arrived after reports of someone screaming.