A German Airbnb user is suing the accommodation listing site after she discovered a hidden camera in an apartment she was renting via the company. A law suit filed by Edith Schumacher, who stayed at an apartment in Califonia, suggests that she has decided to take legal action against the website and the owners of the apartment for an apparent violation of privacy.

Schumacher said that during a three-day stay at the Irvine apartment she spotted a camera concealed between candles on a shelf. The law suit adds that she informed Airbnb about the hidden cameras, but they failed to act and the apartment remained available to rent from their website.

Airbnb has enjoyed a remarkable rise since it first went live in 2008. The website is used to list, find, and rent lodging in 34,000 cities and over 190 countries.

Despite the camera allegedly being found in December 2013 the suit has just been filed this week. According to Sky News it reads: "Mrs Schumacher is deeply humiliated and angry about the fact that the camera was and/or could have been used to spy upon her while she was completely undressed and walking around within the property.

"Moreover, she has been and continues to be concerned that images of her exist in electronic form and could make their way onto the Internet or some other medium."

Airbnb, which has over two million registered places to stay online has previously stated that they have a "zero tolerance policy" for any property owner that has installed hidden cameras. A spokesman for the company said: "Though we do not comment on pending litigation we will defend it vigorously. Airbnb takes privacy issues extremely seriously.

"Airbnb warns hosts to fully disclose whether there are security cameras or other surveillance equipment at or around the listing and to get consent where required."