A woman in New York survived being run over by a subway train after passing out on the platform and falling onto the tracks.

Rikke Bukh fell onto the tracks at the Bedford Avenue L train stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at approximately 11am local time (4pm GMT) on Thursday (11 January).

According to multiple reports, the woman fainted while on the platform and rolled onto the tracks, where she was run over by the Manhattan-bound L train which was just pulling into the station.

Authorities said that while part of the convoy went over the woman, it did not hit her as she fortunately fell between the rail and platform wall.

Steve Coyle witnessed the moment Bukh, who graduated from Florida University before moving to Brooklyn in July, fell onto the tracks.

"She didn't seem aware that she was going to fall," he was quoted as saying by News 4.

"She just sort of walked and went straight down. After they got her out, the train pulled out, there was no blood on the tracks, there was nothing — it didn't look like anything really happened at all."

Jasper Basch, who was also waiting on the platform, told the New York Post: "She just stumbled off sideways. The train stopped, and she was underneath it. It was a terrifying thing to witness. You consider, 'oh my God, did I just watch somebody die?'"

"I have to say, it was a comforting thing to see Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees were able to rush to respond like that. You have to give them credit. Everyone was really on top of it. The Fire Department came and got her out of a tight spot."

Footage recorded by a fellow passenger shows firefighters frantically working to free the 22-year-old woman from underneath the train, before placing her on a stretcher.

Authorities have confirmed the woman escaped with minor injuries and was conscious when paramedics rushed her to the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.