Facebook community groups are commonly used for finding missing pets or getting rid of unwanted furniture but one Australian woman has used one for something far more serious - to find a sperm donor.

The anonymous woman, fed up with waiting to find Mr Right, posted her desperate appeal on the Sunny Coast Community Board page, which operates out of Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

The message, put up on her behalf by the site administrator, said: "Males I need your help! I'm looking for a sperm donor!

"I know this is a long shot but I don't seem to be having much luck on the sites I'm on, I'm looking for someone from the coast or surrounding areas, as I don't want you to have to travel too far. Unfortunately sperm donors are at a low so finding someone suitable is hard."

The woman added that her ideal donor would be between the ages of 20 and 40, with an athletic build, tanned, with green or blue eyes and a "fun and happy" personality.

She set up an email address for anyone interested in helping her to get in touch on lookingforadonor20@hotmail.com.

She told Sunshine Daily News that she had received a few responses in the past two days, although some were more genuine than others.

"I have wanted kids since I was a kid and I have wanted them really badly for the last few years and have persisted with trying to find Mr Right. But I haven't had any luck and to be honest I'm over waiting," she said.

"I put the post up as there may be guys who are willing to help but they may not know how or where to go."

The anonymous woman added that she would like to get to know the donor so she could "see where my child gets their traits from" in the future.

Australian fertility clinics have recently been struggling with a significant shortage of donors. Donors must go through rigorous preparations, including medical screening, genetic testing, counselling, and sperm quarantine for up to six months.

Each donor can only provide sperm for five women in total, including his own family, and it is illegal for him to be paid.

Under New South Wales law, a child born from donated sperm is deemed to be the child of the birth mother, leaving donors under no legal or financial obligation.

Sunny Coast Community Board post
An anonymous woman has launched a search for a sperm donor using Facebook. Facebook/Sunny Coast Community Board