The world's most expensive xmas star
The world's most expensive Christmas tree star is for sale at a cool £615,000

For most of us we will be rummaging around our lofts in the next couple of weeks looking to unearth some hand-me-down Christmas baubles and dusty tinsel. But for the super-rich with a love of yuletide the world's most expensive Christmas tree star is now on sale, for staggering £615,000.

Luxury website is offering the world's most glamorous tree topper – adorned with 281 diamonds and boasting a 5 Carat D flawless diamond centrepiece. Brought together on solid silver and yellow plated gold, the ornament totals in excess of 13 carats.

The rare and dazzling diamond centrepiece can be removed after Christmases and worn as a necklace. The unprecedented piece was created by 77 Diamonds, who offer the world's largest selection of loose diamonds.

While owning such a decoration is beyond the reach of most of us Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, thinks that the piece represents a wise investment. "This must be the most remarkable Christmas tree star ever created, it is truly unprecedented," he said. "A topper that tops all others. It's a beautiful Christmas tree topper and diamonds are a very sound investment in their own right."

The star stands at 20cm high and 13cm wide and weighs 130 grammes. If the purchaser wishes to have a coloured diamond, instead or in addition to the existing one, this is also possible.

Of the removable centre diamond Mr Knobil added: "That is the protagonist of the piece – a five carat D flawless diamond really rare, and of phenomenal brilliance and fire. The piece is a beautiful adornment for Christmas and a wonderful item of jewellery to wear during the year."

Tobias Kormind, Managing Director of 77 Diamonds said the star was painstakingly put together. He said: "This exquisitely crafted piece took numerous hours for our artisans to design and create, with the hand-setting of every single diamond being especially time-intensive."

The star is likely a good match for those who own VeryFirstTo's gemstone-encrusted wreath it sold in 2013 – studded with more than 40 diamonds and rubies, it sold for a staggering £2,835,000 – and the world's most expensive tree, which graced the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, and cost at least £7 million.

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