A Romanian daredevil rode his unicycle and juggled on a Romanian dam ledge next to a 544ft drop. The now-33-year-old Flaviu Cernescu said he performed the stunt on 27 August 2014 as part of a talent show called World's Most Talented on Watch television channel, which broadcasts in the UK and Ireland.

Days before the stunt Cernescu said he sprained his toe practising various balancing moves. Cernescu described the stunts as "an amazing moment of life", adding he had always been attracted to heights. The footage shows just how narrow the ledge is that he is balancing on, and how far the drop is – if he had overbalanced he would almost have certainly died.

Vidraru Dam, in Arges County in central Romania, was completed in the 60s. The stunt performer first shared the footage online on 6 January.