British dog Mugly has won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest, which was held in San Francisco, USA. The eight year old Mugly is a Shitzu-Chinese crested cross with white whiskers on his face, who fought his way past 28 other hopefuls from all across the world. The winner pocketed approximately £600 and a year's supply of dog cookies.

There is a tragic back-story to Mugly's mug though.

According to the BBC, Mugly, who lives in Peterborough, went missing from his home and was found after having been beaten and abused by teenagers, in a park. He was later treated for bruises and sores who could do nothing about the hair his tormentors pulled out.

"Mugly leapt out of the lounge window last Thursday. He must have seen someone outside because he is a real 'people dog'. We searched high and low for hours and put posters up around the neighbourhood. I was convinced he had ended up under a car. About five hours after he went missing I got a phone call from a lady saying: 'I think I found your dog in a park, but don't get too excited because I had to pry him away from five 11-15-year-olds who were kicking him, punching him and hitting him with a stick'," said Bev Nicholson, Mugly's owner told the BBC in August 2009.

"I couldn't speak when they announced Mugly's name. I didn't know which way to look. I was shaking as much as the dog," said Nicholson. According to Nicholson Mugly has won a similar title. Mugly was named Britain's ugliest dog in 2005.

According to the organisers, the judgement was based on "natural ugliness in both pedigree and mutt classes". The contest was held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairground, where reporters from around the world came to cover the event.

Meanwhile, Yahoo reported Mugly had been invited for a photo shoot and will receive VIP treatment at the local Sheraton. The Washington Post received comments on Mugly as soon as they published the article and the readers were all very sympathetic of the winner.

"Well, good for Mugly. And his new owner. Shame on the craphead teen boys who beat up the little dog when he was abandoned and homeless. In fact, shame as well on the original owners who abandoned the little guy," a user named Streetnoise wrote.

"It would appear that the Chinese Crested is dominating this coveted award. They seem to win more than any other breed. What's their secret?" another user - Cococo - wrote.

The contest was won last year by a mix - a Chinese Crest and a Chihuahua.

Meanwhile, check out Mugly's photos below: