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While most of us sit there and talk longingly about all the places we'd love to visit and all the sights we'd love to see, Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling decided to take action and do just that - but with a twist.

After a couple of bottles of wine one evening, the couple, who both hail from East Yorkshire, came up with the idea that rather than simply wander around the world ticking off places on the traditional tourist 'to do' list, they would search for ideal and/or unusual spots to get married on - and then tie the knot, unofficially, over and over again, for three years, or until the money ran out.

Alex sold his car body repair shop along with their house and they had both worked relentlessly in order to build up a pot of money to fund the trip, which included purchasing 'Peggy', their faithful, 25-year-old camper van which has been their home for the last 20 months.

They also set up a blog entitled 2people1life.com to share their experiences with people who, like them, just didn't fancy having a conventional wedding in any of the usual places and were keen to meet local people and experience local cultures and traditions instead.

In response to questions from friends and followers about how they could help fund the trip, the pair set up a wedding registry with Zankyou and opted for Unicef as their named charity.

Everyone who gives money is entered into a prize draw and, at the end of the trip, the winner (and guest) will be flown to the happy couple's location of choice to witness their official nuptials.

Forty or so weddings throughout the Americas and South Africa and a number of TV shows later, the top three venues for the happy couple so far are:

1. Denver, Colorado, because of the US state's stunning scenery, good food and wine

2. Peru because of the Andean ceremony's deep spirituality, combined with amazing sounds, smells and offerings to the gods

3. South Africa's Zulu and Xhosa weddings, which were lively celebrations made special by joyous, life-affirming singing and dancing.

The next step of Lisa and Alex's expedition, meanwhile, will be to drive to Australia, where their adventure will end in approximately 18 months' time.

At that point, serious discussions will need to take place in order to decide on the best overall location for their official nuptials. But as the old adage goes, it's really not about the destination. It's about the journey....