hairy valentine card
The hairy valentine card .

In what has been described as a bizarre Valentine gift, a Valentine's Day card from Victorian era is amusing visitors at York Castle Museum in York, North Yorkshire.

The love card bears real facial hair, probably taken from one's moustache.

The greeting on the card reads: "For The New Woman! With St. Valentine's Heartiest Greetings and Best Hopes that she will receive another (moustache) - With A Man Attached."

In between the greetings, hairs made to resemble a moustache are attached.

The card, ranked one of the "worst" Valentine's Day card, dates from around 1900 and has been put on show at the York museum to celebrate Valentine's Day.

"The Victorians were not the prim and proper lot they are often made out to be - they loved the curious and bizarre as much as we do today. It just wasn't shown in public as much," collections facilitator Faye Prior told the Sky News.

"But even for them, this card is remarkable. Whoever thought it was a wise idea to send a card with real moustache hair on?"

"The card has certainly amused everyone at the Castle Museum - even if it is a bit insulting nowadays. I certainly wouldn't want to be the receiver of this card," he added.

Prior said that the card was printed by and copyrighted to Angus Thomas, London, but nothing is known about its sender or for whom it was made.

The museum has showcased over 600 romantic cards from the Victorian era with the oldest one dating back to 1797. The cards remain on display until Monday.