WWE star 'The Big Red Machine' Kane Getty Images

Glenn Jacobs, the former WWE wrestling villain known as Kane has announced his intention to run for mayor in Tennessee.

Jacobs, who played the half brother of The Undertaker during his career as a wrestler, has handed in his paperwork to the Knox County Election Commission. He has named Brain Carl his political treasurer.

The nomination of Carl puts him a step closer to formally running for the election on 1 May 2018, he told Fox Sports.

"Knox County is a great place and we're so happy and feel so blessed to live here," Jacobs said. "I want to do my part."

He intends to challenge the incumbent mayor of Knox County Tim Burchett. He was previously encouraged by the Tea Party to stand against senator Lamar Alexander in 2014, although he decided against in, the Associated Press reported.

Speaking to the Knoxville News Sentinel about a potential run in an earlier interview, Jacobs said: "I have an inherent understanding because of WWE ... of how a campaign works, and some of the things I would do would be unique and different."

He added: "Millennials are now nearly as big a voting block as baby boomers.

"I think I'll be able to reach a much wider audience that others might not be able to reach."