A new teaser for The X-Files was released during the half-time of Super Bowl 50 on Sunday 7 February, offering up a first look at the opening scene of Fox's reboot of the upcoming final episode. Unlike the previous episodes of the revived series, former FBI agent Fox Mulder doesn't bring the audience up to speed at the beginning by looking back over old cases via voiceover, but rather his old partner Dana Scully does, hinting that the last episode will have a lot of focus on her.

Actress Gillian Anderson starts narrating the two-and-a-half minute scene, recounting her long history with the bureau, her investigations with Mulder (David Duchovny) centring around the paranormal and a faction of human conspirators.

"Soon after joining the FBI, I was asked to review the work of a fellow agent, Fox Mulder, and to debunk the X-Files - cases involving what my superiors regarded as science fiction... and a waste of resources,' she explains over throwback stills from the early 1990s.

Dana Scully morphs into an alien
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"I quickly came to understand that Mulder's work on the paranormal wasn't such as I'd been led to believe; that the X-Files were worthy of Mulder's investigations, and of mine. That a world existed on the far fringes of accepted science; a world where a scientist would have her strongly held beliefs tested and retested."

She then expands on her belief of a "dark force" of men who are pulling the strings from the shadows, before touching on her abduction which occurred later in the series.

"Intervening incidents have led me to believe that during my short disappearance I was subjected to tests... tests resulting in a life-threatening disease... its cure as mysterious as the illness itself," she continues. "But questions remain unanswered about... the significance of a recent test result of my personal genetic make-up, turning up DNA anomalies that I can only classify... as alien."

The teaser then cuts to modern day, with now-doctor Scully walking right up towards the camera. As she gets closer, her hair disappears, her eyes get much larger and turn black and her skin goes a grey-purple colour. She has become an extraterrestrial.

The character has already stated throughout the current series's episodes that she suspects herself to have extraterrestrial DNA inside of her following her abduction which happened in season two. Perhaps it had much more of an affect on her than followers of the series, Mulder or even Scully herself realised at first.

Fans of the original will have noticed by now that the iconic duo do seem to have switched roles when it comes to their beliefs concerning alien activity in the new episodes. Mulder's obsession with finding out what happened to his younger sister and the theory that she was abducted was the driving force of the show between 1993-2002, while Scully was always much more sceptical.

Now, however, Mulder is leaning towards the idea that there was never any serious alien presence and that it's more likely to be a conspiracy being carried out by corrupt government officials. But it doesn't look like Scully necessarily agrees on that point.

The X-Files mini-series is set to conclude in the US with episode six on Monday 22 February. Last night (8 February), its fourth episode, Home Again, was aired and the show is set to continue in the same slot (8pm EST on FOX) for the rest of its duration.

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