The newly released trailer for The X-Files season 11 features assistant director Walter Skinner (played by Mitch Pileggi) and FBI special agent, Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) fighting, and going at each other's throats.

While Mulder and Skinner have had their differences in the past, but they've been friends for a very long time, with Skinner even risking his life for their cause time and again.

Pileggi spoke to TV Line about the friends' fight and revealed that Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) may be the reason behind their feud. He told the outlet, "It's about Scully." He also then went on to reveal that Skinner "might have a little crush on Scully," which may have lead to some "resentment toward Mulder" early in the upcoming 10-episode season.

He also added that since both the characters are "bulls" possessing "a s**tload of testosterone", a brawl breaking out between the two shouldn't be a surprise.

Teasing more about the showdown, the Supernatural actor revealed that it was brought down a notch or two during production. "It was supposed to be a lot more violent. Originally, what the stunt people had blocked was a [real] brawl. And we were all like, "These two guys are friends. Unless they are in some kind of drug-induced state, I don't think they would behave like that.' So we pulled it back quite a bit," he revealed to the outlet.

The X-Files' season 11 premieres in early 2018 on Fox. The upcoming 10-episode season of The X-Files will also feature Mulder and Scully's son William. Actress Anderson revealed at the New York Comic-Con earlier this month, that the actor, who will play William, "looks like a normal kid."

Mulder actor Duchovny offered this cryptic tease when asked him which of his parents William will resemble. "He resembles two people that aren't Mulder and Scully. And when you read this back [after watching the episodes] you'll figure this out," Duchovny said.

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